Postalm ski tour in the Salzkammergut vacation region

Experience pure freedom in winter on a ski tour on the Postalm. Pristine natural landscapes, snow-covered slopes and sunny spots at 1,200 to 1,900 meters await you. The extensive alpine pasture terrain with its hills and surrounding peaks is perfect for gentle ski tours, making it suitable for beginners and experienced skiers alike.

Access via secured slopes / one lift ride included

Very low avalanche danger & avalanche beep checkpoint

Preparing for a ski tour

Tour planning is a must before every ski tour. It is important for risk assessment and for your own safety.

  1. Check the conditions and terrain:
    • Obtain the latest avalanche report (LLB)
    • Check the weather report
    • Get an overview of the route (terrain, altitude, length, difficulty) and allow sufficient time for the ascent and descent.
  1. Equipment
    • Avalanche transceiver
    • Avalanche probe and shovel
    • ski helmet
    • optional: airbag

More safety for ski tours on the Postalm: LVS PIEPS-Safty Checkpoint

Where? At the back of the Postalm Winter Park ticket office.

The risk of avalanches is particularly low in the Postalm area. Nevertheless, an avalanche transceiver can save lives in unforeseeable situations. To encourage personal responsibility on the mountain, an avalanche beacon checkpoint has been installed in the Postalm Winterpark - the starting point of the ski tours. Here you can check whether your avalanche transceiver is working correctly.

Ski tour prices

Ski touring
YOUTH (2005-2007)
Children (2008-2017)
1 day
From 1:30 pm
6 days
  • The prices include one lift ride per day with winter sports equipment strapped on.
  • The costs for the toll road are included or will be refunded (details here).
  • All prices quoted are in euros and include 10% VAT. Subject to printing and typesetting errors.

Tour descriptions

The pyramid-shaped Pitschen Berg in the west is considered an easy ski mountain: the ascent and descent are mostly over flat and undulating terrain, only the summit slope is steeper. A particularly beautiful experience on this tour is the crossing of untouched nature, which is interspersed with sparse sections of forest. The free-standing summit offers a wonderful panoramic view and great turns on the descent.
Recommendation: Particularly suitable for beginners.

  • Ascent from the Postalm 2 hrs.
  • Descent, 600 m
  • Partial avalanche danger
  • 1,720 m above sea level

The Wiesler Horn is an easily accessible summit in the north-west with wonderful views. The route starts from parking lot 3 across open alpine meadows with flat approaches, past the idyllic alpine huts. You then reach the summit via a short, somewhat steeper path. The entire south-east flank is considered dangerous for avalanches, which is why the descent follows the ascent trail. On the way back, numerous alpine huts invite you to stop for refreshments. The Wiesler Horn Tour impresses above all with its sunny location.

  • 1,603 m above sea level
  • Ascent from Postalm: 1.5 h
  • Descent: 500 hm
  • Avalanche danger

From the west, the Braunedel is a racy, steep but particularly beautiful spring ski mountain. It is popular because of its magnificent descents. Via the Mossbergsattel, follow the summer trail to the summit. Afterwards you have the choice between the steep descent via the western flank back to the starting point (700 m) or via the very steep Sill (800 m).
Recommendation: Demanding tour for experienced ski tourers.

  • 1,894 m above sea level
  • Ascent from Postalm: 2.5 hours
  • Descent: 700 or 800 hm
  • Avalanche danger

The Labenberg is the classic ski tour in the west of the Postalm and is therefore a popular ski mountain. This ski tour is possible even when there is little snow, mainly due to the gentle ascents across gentle meadow slopes and sparse forest. A steep ascent to the summit follows from a saddle. Wonderful views of the snow-covered mountain landscape make the effort of the ascent worthwhile. The steep summit slope offers a great descent and then leads back to the valley along the ascent trail.

  • 1,642 m above sea level
  • Ascent from Postalm: 1.5 h
  • Descent: 500 hm
  • Partial avalanche danger

What you can experience in the Postalm Winterpark

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Snow report

  • Snow depth
    kein Liftbetrieb, 20 cm
  • New
    0 cm
Street Abtenau
Chain obligation: no
Street Strobl
Chain obligation: no


1er Ski school lift

Liftbetrieb eingestellt, wir bedanken uns für eure Treue!

2er Welserlift
3er Stroblerlift
4er Gschlösslbahn
5er Edtlift
6er Magic Carpet


800 m Anfängerrunde - Skating

Wir haben den Loipenbetrieb eingestellt, bedanken uns bei all unseren Gästen und freuen uns schon jetzt auf die nächste Wintersaison!

800 m Anfängerrunde - klassisch
5 km Lienbachloipe - Skating
5 km Lienbachloipe - klassisch
5 km Verbindungsloipe - Skating
5 km Verbindungsloipe - klassisch
12 km Panoramaloipe - Skating
12 km Panoramaloipe - klassisch
2,5 km Ramsauloipe Hundeloipe - Skating
2,5 km Ramsauloipe Hundeloipe - klassisch


4km small loop from P3
4km small loop from P1
8 km big loop

Companies & huts

Ski School

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Rosser Hütte

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Almgasthof Welserhütte
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